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Manny Pacquiao: 50/50 split and the fight happens in May

Manny Pacquiao told Filipino media sources that if Mayweather agrees to a 50/50 pay split, then the fight will happen in May.  Manny Pacquiao and his promoter Bob Arum are currently in the Philippines, discussing his upcoming opponent for a fight later this year… 

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Mayweather Jail Sentence Postponed

Judge Melissa Saragosa has decided to postpone Mayweather’s jail sentence after an intrepid plea by Mayweather’s team of lawyers, suggesting that a Mayweather fight in May would bring as much as 100 million dollars to the vegas area.  Acting in the interest economically stricken Las Vegas community, the judge deemed it acceptable for Mayweather to serve his sentence after his fight in May.  Mayweather team also cited “contractual responsibilities” among the reasons to postpone the jail sentence, referring to his scheduling of the MGM venue for a bout in May.  Having delayed the jail sentence, we should be seeing a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight in May, right? Probably not.

Mayweather’s manager Leonard Ellerbe told media sources that an opponent would be announced next week. There has been no word from either Pacquiao’s people or Floyd’s in regards to the progress of negotions.  Most recently Bob arum has said he will fly to the Philippines next week to meet with Pacquaio and offer him four potential opponents to choose from, with Mayweather not being on the list.  Arum cited the four candidates for the Pacquiao fight are Marquez, Bradley, Peterson and Cotto.  Arums gives two primary reason for not icluding Floyd; a gash on Manny’s lip from the Marquez fight that would not allow him to begin sparring until April (making the May 5th date out of question) and having the fight at the MGM arena.  The MGM arena would only be able to seat about 16,000, which Arum suggests would cost him 2 million dollars in potential admissions profits by not holding the event at a large stadium.

As far as Pacquiao’s next opponent, TopRank will probably want to keep the money in house and go with Bradley or Cotto.  A fight with Marquez would also generate a lot of interest for the casual observer, many feel that Marquez bested Pacquiao all three times.  Personally I feel a fourth fight with Marquez would be a snore, and a fight with Tim Bradley with renew fans belief that Pacquiao is the best figher on the planet.  Tim Bradley is too green for Pacquiao, he lacks the power to hurt Pacquiao, and I see Pacquiao stopping Tim Bradley late in the fight.  Except for the Peterson fight, we could potentially see any of these fights in May or June, I guess it will be up to Pacquaio to look at his options and see which fight makes the most sense for him. 

A potential fight we could end up seeing in May would be a Mayweather fight against Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez or the obscure Robert Guerrero.  Ellerbe said these two are at the at the forefront as far as opponents are concerned.  A fight with Canelo would be ENORMOUS, Canelo is a heavy handed with surprising good boxing skills given that he is only 21.  I do think Canelo is a bit too green for Mayweather, but would still give him a hell of a fight.  On the flipside, a bout with Robert Guerrero would be very interesting for boxing fans.  Guerrero is a tricky southpaw with decent punching power.  I like Guerrero as a fighter and a person, he’s a really honest dude and he does have the skills set to give Mayweather an interesting fight.  The concern  with Guerrero is the weight, he would be rising 2 weight divisions to make this fight happen, so he will be at a  significant physical disadvantage.  Mayweather is known for being highly selective with regards to his opponents (with exception to his baby momma!), he will choose someone who he feels he can exploit on a technical level.  Case in point Manny Pacquiao’s lackluster November fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.  After literally hiding from Manny for the last three years, he recently claimed (via Facebook and twitter) that he is ready and waiting on Pacquiao to fight.  Calling Pacquiao a “punk”, suggesting Pacquiao is the one ducking the fight.  Mayweather feels he now has a tactical edge over Pacquiao and feels now is the time to cash out.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum is apprehensive about making the fight, simply put he stands to make very little money off of it, considering that Mayweather flies under his own promotional banner, therefore cutting Arum out of the profits. As should be, mainly because people like Arum prevent big fights like these from happening all the time.  It truly is a shame considering Pacquiao has publicly stated that he wants Mayweather in May, regardless of what other opponents Arum has in mind.  Unfortunately Manny is under contract with TopRank, and Arum still signs his checks.

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Erik Morales vs Danny Garcia Cancelled, Lamont Peterson vs Pacquiao?

It has been confirmed that Erik Morales will not be defending his 140 lb WBC junior welterweight title against Philadelphia contender Danny Garcia.  Erik Morales is recovering from recent gall bladder surgery, and has decided that it would be unwise of him to step into the ring so soon given the magnitude of this fight.  Morales recently captured a fourth world title in four weight classes back September , making him the second Mexican ever to do so.  That being said the HBO January 28th card is in jeopardy, lacking a main event.  Im pretty upset about this, mainly because it was shaping up to be a really exciting card.  The undercard is still featuring James Kirland vs Carlos Molina, Kirkland is coming off of an impressive TKO of Alfredo Angulo.  Molina is no bum, he recently bested Kermit Cintron over 12 rounds and got a draw against Cuba’s Erislandy Lara.  Its been rumored that a middleweight fight will replace the Morales vs Garcia bout.

-Freddie Roach has officially said that team Pacquiao will consider a bout with Lamont Peterson for their next fight.  This is kind surprising to the boxing world given his controversial, and not so impressive victory  over Amir Khan recently.  Not really sure what to think about this fight, I think the Pacman will absolutely blow Peterson away…who knows.  Personally I think Peterson should avenge his loss against Tim Bradley.  Bradley who isn’t exactly the hardest puncher on the block was able rock to Peterson a few times in their fight, Bradley pretty much outclassed Lamont in that fight…One quick note on Tim Bradley, he is the real deal.  Hes a very solid fighter, and I see him being a handful for anyone he faces.

Breaking News: Mayweather Sentenced to Jail, Canelo, Erik Morales

A Las Vegas Judge sentenced Floyd Mayweather Jr. to 90 days in jail earlier today, stemming from a guilty plea back in 2010 for a domestic violence dispute with the mother of his children.  Along with the jail sentence, Mayweather will be required to pay a $2,500.00 fine, perform 100 hours of community service and attend a year long domestic violence course.  This almost certainly derails any prospect of a super-fight with Pacquiao in May.  The biggest losers here are most certainly the fans.  This latest setback has the potential to burn all hopes for a fight with Pacquiao, with both men well into their thirties, their time in the sport is already numbered.  Contrary to promotional bs, the fight does not get bigger the longer they wait for it to happen, it appears fan interest has peaked, and the excitement is beginning to diminish.  A part of me cant help but to think that Mayweather and his team of lawyers knew about this jail sentence (or the likelihood of it) in advance, which is why he was spewing all this nonsense about fight Pacquiao. Lets be honest, Money May wants nothing to do with Pacquiao.  I feel that Mayweather can potentially beat Pacquiao, However I feel he is afraid of him psychologically.  Mayweather seems to be somewhat weak psychologically, or what boxing fans would refer to as “no heart”.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his scheduling of the MGM grand was just a promotional stunt to keep his bid in the fight, or to just remain relevant in the sport.  We will never know what the unpredictable Money May will do next, we just have to take this setback in stride and see what happens moving forward.  Either way, advantage Bradley and Marquez

-News from the Saul “Canelo” Alvarez camp suggests they were intent on pursuing a Mayweather fight in May, and should they fail to land it they were going to approach Shane Mosely.  Look for news about that fight to come soon

-Jan 28th will be an interesting night of boxing on HBO.  Erik Morales defends his WBC super lightweight belt against rising star Danny Garcia.  This seems to be a setup fight for Morales, as Golden Boy is looking to strap Garcia with his first world title.  Being the game fighter that he is, I hope Erik Morales is able to shine (like in the Maidanna fight) and show the young Garcia a thing or two about boxing.  Also on the card, is a middleweight fight between James Kirkland and Carlos Molina.  Should be a fun night.

147 lb contender Andre Berto gives his thoughts on the Ortiz vs Mayweather fight, during an interview for his upcoming rematch with Victor Ortiz to air on Showtime

In my last post I asked the readers how they believed the current stars of the sport matched up against the all time greats.  Reflecting on the past legends of the ring reminded me of this great video I thought I would share, which is a tribute to the great sport of boxing.  Past and Present.

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